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Are we actually prepared for the future challenges, like Covid-19 for the survival of human race?

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One little virus, that can’t be seen with our naked eyes, wreaked havoc on entire human race. Millions died and many more infected. Although it caught us by surprise as it spread faster than a wildfire across countries. But once we understood what we need to avoid getting infected, we should have taken the upper hand by controlling it’s spread and preventing further casualties. But we failed in that too.

Us humans have a tendency of putting our blames on someone else and keeping our collars clean, instead of owning the situation. Like the idea of lockdown failed miserably across the world. Brazil, Italy, India everywhere. And what we did? We blamed the government for the failure, where in real world, we failed. Most of the people didn’t care about the pandemic. The attitude that ‘I don’t care about any virus. I am not going to catch it.’ Became one of the main reasons for the failure.

Then comes another group, the judgmental ones. These people themselves stay out of their homes all the time, with their own masks hanging on their chins, like a useless thing and cursing everyone else out there that see nobody is following the social distancing, wearing masks properly and see there is so much crowd in the market, people should sit at home instead of roaming around. They say such things while doing the same. All people do is put the blame on others and move on, doing the same thing, like our media. Another reason why a small virus defeated the most intelligent living specie on the planet. Too intelligent to ignore their own mistake.

Third group is of the people who seek politics in every situation possible. COVID-19 spread, fault of the government. Lockdown failed, fault of the government. Vaccine launched, opposing it as it may have side effects. We are dying anyways! at least this might be our shot for some protection. They believe they are the smartest and everyone is a fool. The Researchers, working their ass off to find a cure and protect common man. While, the common man is busy opposing every precautionary thing being told to him, based on his religious or political views.

The lockdown was not a failure of the government, but our failure in following the guidelines. That is the reason why we have to face a second wave. Keeping in view, the condition of depleting natural health, there are surely worse scenarios than this pandemic, our human race will be facing in the coming future and this complaining or careless attitude is what will be our reason of demise. When the time will be lost and there would be no going back, at that time all we would do is regretting that we had the chance to avoid all this, and what we did? We fought, we did politics, we never stood strict to our plans and created chaos everywhere. We have to introspect and work on our methods of living if we wish to sustain the existence of our race.


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