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10 Important Umrah Rules For Ladies & Imp Procedure

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Performing Umrah is a dream of all Muslims irrespective of their age, location, and gender. Visiting the holy Kaaba, the house of Allah in Makkah is a good fortune for the followers of Islam. However, based on gender there are some guidelines and directives on how to perform the pilgrimage. Umrah rules for ladies are specific in most cases, and in some cases, they have just become tradition over the years. 

Umrah rules for ladies

Here are some common Umrah rules for ladies that are different from those for men.

  • Ihram rules for men and women are different in terms of clothing guidelines. All men are supposed to drape two white unstitched sheets of cloth around their body. For women, there are no such directions. The only requirement for ladies performing Umrah is to cover their body in loose-fitting opaque clothes.

  • Women can wear either black or white abaya over comfortable everyday clothes that are clean and pure. Most women performing Umrah choose to wear white because of the hot weather of Mecca.

  • Umrah rules for ladies who are on their menstrual cycles dictate that they may perform the pilgrimage once their cycle is over.

  • The rules for taqsir are also different for men and women. As a part of this ritual women are only required to cut their hair equal to the length of a fingernail.

  • Another important rule for ladies performing Umrah is that they must recite the talbiyah, the prayer spoken during the ritual of tawaf, softly so that it cannot be heard by other pilgrims.

  • One of the important rules for ladies is that they are not allowed to wear makeup or perfume while they are in a state of Ihram. Clipping nails, shaving, and plucking hair are also prohibited during Ihram.

  • Umrah rules for ladies regarding Mahram (a male guardian) are of utmost importance as a visa is not issued to single women for Islamic pilgrimage. Women below the age of 45 years cannot perform Umrah without a Mahram. Women above 45 years of age can perform the pilgrimage in a group but not alone.

  • Women may cover their head while performing Umrah rituals however they must not cover their hands and faces.

Guidelines for women performing Umrah

As mentioned above there are some common practices followed by women performing Umrah and Procedure of Umrah for Women that have been traditionally accepted over the years. Some of them are as follows:

  • Women are not allowed to apply henna while performing the pilgrimage.

  • Women cannot wear perfume while performing Umrah.

  • If necessary, women can use unscented creams and lotions while performing the pilgrimage.

  • Women must clip or trim their nails before entering the state of Ihram.

  • It is recommended to dress modestly keeping in mind the cultural sensibilities of Saudi Arabia and specially the holy city of Mecca. Therefore, the preferred clothing for women while they are in Mecca is a salwar kameez.

  • Wearing bright clothes under the abaya is not appreciated. Hence, most women choose to wear white inside.

  • Unlike men, women can wear closed footwear during Umrah.

  • Uttering abusive words, fighting, and speaking loudly is not appreciated during 


Visa Rules for female Umrah aspirants

No matter which part of the world you are coming from, as of today, Saudi Arabia does not permit women below the age of 45 years to perform an Islamic pilgrimage alone. They must be accompanied by a male guardian with whom marriage is not permissible. Most women come for Umrah with their immediate family members, such as father, grandfather or brother. Without a Mahram, the Umrah visa application of women under 45 years is right away rejected. 

Women who are more than 45 years of age are issued a visa when traveling in a group. These are the present visa regulations for Umrah, however, there have been discussions regarding abolishing the mandatory requirement of a Mahram for women above 18 for Umrah (and not Hajj). 

These Umrah rules for ladies are partly based on religious directions from Allah and scholars of Islam. Partly they have been formed based on common practices followed by women performing Umrah. Following these rules and guidelines ensures that women perform the pilgrimage with all their heart without losing focus and inviting unwanted attention. 


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